Dracut Arts

Client Profile

This client profile is for Dracut Arts, a 501c3, dedicated to fostering and stimulating interest in the arts by the production and presentation of musical concerts, artworks, and seminars dealing with matters of general artistic interest. I met with Diane McGary the President of the organization to learn more about them and discuss the existing website and what direction she would like to take it in the future.

In addition to creating websites by using HTML and CSS files I also offer WordPress administrative services for clients, and for Dracut Arts, this is the path that I have followed. The bare bones of the site had been established already, the domain had been purchased and WordPress was installed and there was content available. When providing WordPress services I have the owner of the site grant me access using the WordPress Dashboard, selecting ‘Users’ add a new user from the left-hand navigation bar.


The next screen is is a simple form that is filled out that includes username and email as required items and you can add additional information such as First and Last name, and importantly this is where the owner of the site assigns the role of the new user. They can be a Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator, you can read more about the roles at WordPress’s support site.

Image from WordPress.

The first step I took with this site was to update the various plugins that had been previously installed. My next step was to update the theme that was being used, I selected ‘Sela’, changing the theme was a dramatic change from the previous version with a medium dark purple background to a lighter background of gray and white, which you can see below. And you will notice that yes this screen capture shows that the site is “under construction”, and that was a strategic choice because I began working with Dracut Arts just a few weeks before the show that was coming up this weekend and it was important that information be available online.


There are many artists that have been featured with Dracut Arts and more coming in the remainder of 2019, and their mini-biographies had been published on the site. I added an additional layer in the main menu heading of ‘Artist Bios’ to include categories, by using categories the menu is not overwhelming and you do not need to scroll to see the end of it. As a user hovers over a category the names of the artists within that category are then shown to the side and you can select the name and be taken to the page that includes their biography.


Additional updates that were made to the site include:

  • Adding links to social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook
  • Adding a sampling of event photos
  • Adding embedded links from Dracut Access TV showing interviews with some of the upcoming artists this weekend (May 31, 2019 and June 1, 2019).
  • Adding the mission statement of Dracut arts and importantly information about how you can volunteer to help the organization and if you are an artist how to submit your work.
  • Removing the Under Construction tag

If you cannot make one of the events that Dracut Arts is presenting this Friday, May 31st or Saturday, June 1st, look at their ‘Upcoming Events' for July, September, and November.

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