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Inspiration and Assistance From Non Typical Sources


As Blue Shutters Web Design grows I know that I will run into bumps in the proverbial road and there will certainly be aspects of owning and running a business that are not my strong suit. The question that is running in my mind is how do I cover those things that I either don’t like doing or ones that I know are necessary but not my strong suit. An option is of course to outsource bits of my work, and the traditional method of doing that didn’t seem to make the most sense for me at this time, but I am certainly open to the concept. That is when I was presented with an opportunity to work with some college seniors, the idea was a bit off the wall and I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but ultimately I decided that it was worth the risk.

Last month I worked with some college students, specifically ones in Dr. Kimberly Miller’s COMM488: Senior Seminar at Grove City College. As a part of the class assignments, these students were required to work on “Resume building”. The students that I worked with created some mock up of postcards that I could use as a promotional mailing and in one case wrote a blog piece that I could use. Other students in the class worked with other businesses or on projects with the alumni department at the college.

I really enjoyed seeing the concepts that the students came up with because, honestly marketing and advertising is not my strong suit. The projects that the students submitted were done in a timely manner and provided me with a lot of great ideas, but more importantly, it helped me realize that what they were coming up with was similar to my ideas so I felt I was moving in the right direction with my thought process.

I will be utilizing bits of the work that these students submitted to both myself and Dr. Miller in the near future. I have an idea of how to tweak a flier design into a potential infographic for Facebook, and incorporating the blog piece into a longer piece so the final result will be co-written by myself and the students.

The conclusion I came to was simply to be open to possibilities because you may find inspiration and help in unexpected places. The concept is not that different than with a general networking event, be open to ideas, speak to a lot of people, and do things that feel right and are a good fit for your business style. You may not see the benefits immediately, but the seeds you plant with networking and exploring non conventional avenues could pay off in the long run.

(Note 1 This blog like a business it will evolve over time I am sure you will see changes as I add blog posts and incorporate things like categories etc. I am making the decision to exclude comments within the blog at this time, you can always start or join a discussion on my Facebook Page.

(Note 2 Dr. Miller is the department chair of Communication and Visual Arts at Grove City College in Grove City, PA and she is also a client of Blue Shutters Web Design.)