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I have used Vistaprint for a few different services:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • 5.5x4.5Postcard (including mailing)
  • 5.5x8.5 Postcard (including mailing)


Blue Shutters Web Design Logo
I first used them for my logo design, and I picked them because it was quick, inexpensive, and allowed me to just do something rather than wait on finding an affordable option with a local designer. The whole process was relatively quick and easy. I was able to provide the colors that I wanted to use and then their design staff sent three possible designs for me to review and provide input on them, I was able to request one revision.

The only real disappointment was that I asked that they provide me with the hex codes for the colors used and they did not do that. I was able to pick them using a color picker tool but they said they could provide them even when I followed up and asked for them. It was an issue that I just dropped because it wasn’t worth the hassle.


Once I had the logo then I designed my business card using that logo which was again extremely easy. The price point and speed were really hard to beat. I am happy with the design itself but of course, I do consider making some changes for my next order.


With my business card, I do have a blue border but it is not quite right and I think that is a feature of the drag and drop design method used in Vistaprint, it wasn’t as set up as if I had a graphic designer create the file. This is not necessarily a huge issue since it took me a year to realize that is wasn’t quite what I wanted.


The ease of creating the card was great, coming up with the text to use on the card was more difficult. I needed to keep the information to the point and relevant but there was so much I wanted to say. Once I had the information paired down I was able to use their drag and drop system to adjust my font, font size, and font color. The editing tool marked the margins where I could not have text because it was needed for the postal markings.


When you design a postcard you can have them sent to you directly and then you can address then and then take them to the post office for stamps or you can pay Vistaprint to do that for you. I went with this option, and I used the Excel format that is provided to create my list of addresses. Note you can you pay Vistaprint an additional fee and they will provide you with addresses, I did not go this route. I collected my addresses by hand and filled out the sheet, the final mailing was for 250 postcards.

Adding the addresses was the most frustrating part of this process because I uploaded my 250 addresses and then I received the following error:

We found 6 undeliverable addresses. Review the highlighted errors to check the accuracy of these records. You can edit or delete them using the links on the left. Remember, we only mail within the United States.

When I went to edit the addresses the error message was Address Line 1 is invalid or the Zip Code is invalid. Yet I verified them as the listed address on the business’s Facebook page or Google listing. Then I verified it with the Post Office’s web site all valid, I could not figure out what was wrong and it was so frustrating.

Finally, I called and the customer service representative tried to the whole the post office thinks that that address invalid, however, I countered explaining how I verified the addresses already. At that point, she said the resident or business at that address could have but their mailing address on a list that indicates that they do not want unsolicited mail and that Vistaprint cannot override the business wishes. I understand that they have to follow the appropriate procedures but what annoyed me the most was the lack of clarity regarding the error. If the error message has simply stated that the address is on a ‘no solicitation list’, yes I would have still been annoyed but I could work with that. What I wouldn’t have done was waste my time trying to force the addresses through the system I would have focused on finding new addresses to use on the list.


For my second postcard, I increased the size of the card and the mailing itself. I resent a postcard to the first 250 but then added another 250 to the list so this mailing was to 500 people/businesses. With my knowledge from the previous mailing when I gathered the additional 250 addresses, I actually gathered around 300 so that when I added them to the spreadsheet I could easily delete any address that was deemed invalid by the Vistaprint verification tool and not worry too much about it.


I liked the size of this postcard better however there was a small issue with the margin marking. Either I didn’t look at it closely enough or there was an error with printing because some of my text was written over. It was a minor issue and mistakes can happen so I didn’t get too upset about it, but I did learn that I will be a bit more careful about staying away from the margins in the future.


I would certainly use Vistaprint again in the future for postcards and possibly for business cards as well. I know that there are other print vendors both locally and online and I will likely do a bit more comparison shopping in the future. And when I am prepared to revise my logo I know that I will be working with a local graphic designer to make tweaks and make sure that my requests are heard and be able to listen to their feedback. With the logo design service, it was all back and forth via text and I think it loses something without a personal conversation.

When it comes to designing an updated business card I would consider using a site like Canva to create my new card, working with a local graphic designer to create the template, or using another print vendor’s templates.

Do you have a favorite print vendor? If so please leave their information in the comments on my Facebook page, so you can share it with myself and others.

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