How do you handle changes in your schedule?

Time Mangement

Don't you hate when there is no internet?

Just last week I attended a meet up with my local Tuesdays Together meeting (find a local chapter here ) and the theme was time management. It was a great meeting and we talked about being able to automate certain parts of our job or outsourcing them if we can. The part that I wanted to work on personally was planning for the future because while I love planning and feel that my day-to-day is working pretty well, my long term planning could use some help.

I love schedules, I like making them, I like knowing what is coming at me and being able to prepare for what needs to be done. Having those schedules helps me deal with that monkey wrench in my plans. Today is one of those days where I need to accept that my schedule is blown and go to a backup plan. You see I need the internet to do a lot of my job, it is not essential 100% but it certainly makes my life easier to have it available. And today my internet, went boom!

No internet message on an explosive background

My options are:

  1. Give up and call it a day and watch TV or read all day.
  2. Pack up my computer and notes and head to someplace that has internet access
  3. Do as much as I can offline

As appealing as option 1 is for me I know that is not something I can indulge in right now. The second option on the surface seemed like a good idea, but I got to thinking about it and realized it could be a huge waste of my time. If I don’t have access to the internet (I had called my service provider and I was a localized issue) then the local places I would go to use wifi probably have the same provider so they won’t have it either and therefore I will have just wasted my time and added to my frustration. So I opt for the third and final option, do what I can offline.

So this is me rolling with the changes knowing that my schedules will get me back on track relatively quickly. As I look at my schedule for the next few days, and even further out into the month I can identify some items I can cross off my list. It is days like this that remind me that schedules are like LEGOs there are very few pieces that you cannot move, sure your creation may look a little bit different but it is still there and still solid.

No internet message on an explosive background

By planning out what I need to do it allows me to take times like this and be productive because I spend less time spinning my wheels. I can identify needs that are further out and I don’t need to stop and plan and figure out what I can do but it also allows me to keep close to my schedule and things that I am not able to do today slide into the slots that I freed up from tomorrow’s schedule.

With this unexpected lack of internet while frustrating, was a blessing in disguise because it eliminated so many distractions. I still needed the internet to research some ideas and provide links to other articles that go into more depth than I do, source images, and verify quotes. Since I was unable to do that, it allowed me to focus on writing this post as well as others. Granted they were not fully written and will require additional content and then editing but I had so many ideas that were flowing because I didn’t go down a rabbit hole of clicking links, or searching for the perfect picture to include. I ended up spending the afternoon writing most of this post as well as outlining several ideas of future posts. It was very handy that I had just attended the meeting and was thinking of doing a better job of future planning, it helped me capitalize on my good habits for day to day planning to start working on my long term planning, specifically creating ideas for blog posts as well as writing them.

By the end of hte afternoon I found that I was very productive and was able to:

  • Write the majority of this post
  • Write the outline for 2 additional posts that need to be researched
  • Worked on revamping the text within the services section on my site
  • Added due dates to items on my "To Do List" that have not been getting done because I have not been making them a priority.

How do you deal with unexpected changes in plans?

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