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September lends itself to be a great month to start, restart, or adjust course, because with the beginning of the school year is a great symbolic new year, even if we have long since passed being of school age. I am taking this week to look at where I am both personally and professionally to see if there are any changes that I either want or should make.

Upon my first examination it seemed that things are going well, which is awesome. Then I listened to this weeks mini episode from Happier. The title of this Little Happier is “The Musical ‘Song of Spider-Man’ and the Problem of Unknown Knowns.” and it really spoke to me and I wanted to share it with others.

It is a really short audio clip, less than 5 minutes, take a listen to the whole thing.

This is the part that stuck out for me:

Donald Rumsfeld talked of known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. But—this pertained to theatre as much as to wars in Iraq—what he should have mentioned but didn’t was a fourth category: the unknown knowns. According to Slovene philosopher Slavoj Zlzek, unknown knowns are the things that we know, or that we should know, but maintain willful ignorance about, because we’d rather not acknowledge them.

Glen Berger

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It made me pause and re-evaluate and honestly think is there anything that is giving me pause, something that I am will fulling ignoring? Does it make sense to ignore something and hope it goes away, or should I get over the uncomfortable now and address something before it gets too big (or expensive) to solve?

It probably doesn’t make sense to put our heads in the sand, so I am going to take a few more days and examine how things are going and do my best to dig deep and acknowledge any doubts that may seem easier to push aside for another day. What about you?

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