Why Do I Need A Website?


In the 21st Century, social media is a prominent stopping point throughout people’s day. Going to class--check Instagram. Waiting in line--scroll through Twitter. Society sees thousands of images a day so why would your company’s one business ad really impact a potential customer?

If your advertisement is bright, intriguing, and easily understood then that’s perfect. But how can someone get in-depth knowledge from social media that is made for convenient, quick use? For a growing business that isn’t as well known an easy-to-navigate website is a perfect way to get your name out there. So yes social media is a great tool to use, but adding a link to your business’ website would be a great pairing. A website can provide information in a clear and easy to navigate format.

One step a business may take is to create a business Facebook page rather than a website because it is free and relatively easy to create. With both a website and a Facebook page you can include the basic information relevant to your business such as contact phone number, email address, location, services, etc. A benefit of utilizing a Facebook page “… is how simple and easy it is to share media “ which makes it a great compliment to a website.

With advantages come disadvantages, Meg North writing a Small identifies one disadvantage:

you cannot customize your Facebook page as easily as a website, so you are limited with color schemes and personal branding.

Additionally, Facebook only reaches a specific demographic, and many do not view it as a trustworthy platform.

Security Cameras.
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At Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, there is a post “Which Social Network Will Be the Next To Shutdown” below is an excerpt of the abstract of their study:

“... the carnage and chaos that is the on-going highly questionable handling of privacy and security by Facebook the question arises, is social media dying? And if so, who is next to get the ax like Goolge+ and shut down completely?

This study found that, according to Americans, MySpace is likely the next network to disappear from the web. Others Americans feel strongly might go are Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Tumblr, and Tagged.”

At Search Engine Journal they spoke to Joe Youngblood of WWCD about the study and he said the following about the study:

“Feels like normal users are telling us just how much they distrust Facebook as a platform versus Instagram and WhatsApp right now.”

Even with the disadvantages that Facebook has doesn’t mean any business should plan on abandoning their page right now, but they should consider alternative options for their online presence to provide themselves with broader exposure. I should note that Blue Shutters has a Facebook Business page and at this time I plan on continuing to use it, however, I am keeping my eye on trends and working to balance it all and not place all my metaphorical eggs in one basket.

Blue Shutters Web Design, LLC Facebook page.

A personalized website would be your space to promote and develop your company. A web site dedicated to your business allows you to personalize your business and highlight what makes your business unique. Your business site allows you to tell about your family business and how long you have been in your community, talk about the youth sports team you sponsor or coach, the charity and or organizations you support.

At Blue Shutters Web Design we are here to create your web presence as well as updating your site as you continue to grow to keep your website current and easy to use. We offer affordable packages with a free quote on what your individual needs are as a business. Contact us today!

I would like to thank Tennessee Bowling and Emory Ujano from Grove City College for their contributions to writing this post. Tennessee and Emory were two of the student’s in Dr. Kimberly Miller’s COMM488: Senior Seminar at Grove City College, I wrote about my experience working with students in April.

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