Services we provide are:

Web Design

Are you asking yourself what Web Design is? Don’t worry you are not alone and it is one of these terms that could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. At Blue Shutters Web Design when a client comes to needing a website because they do not yet have one, I meet with the client to determine what they want their website to look like, this is the design aspect. I will ask questions about what they want, things like:

  • What are your color preferences? Are there any color(s) to avoid?
  • How many pages are needed?
  • What is the functionality that they require?
    • What is the purpose, do you want to provide information only?
    • Do you want to sell products or services?
    • Do you want to have a forum?

When I work with a client they do need to provide me the text to be included on the webpage, information such as your hours, location, service area, etc. This may seem overwhelming but this is all information you already know, so I have a worksheet that I use with clients to help them organize their thoughts and provide the information that will be on the website. I also offer minor image edits and I can source stock photos for your site if you do not have ones that you want to use.

Check out our Possibilities Gallery to see what your site could look like.  

Imagine The Possibilities


Website Hosting

Every website has to be hosted, because if it is not hosted then the only person that can see your website is you because it is on your computer. Hosting is what makes your site available on the internet.

If you already have a website your site is hosted regardless of if you had your site built by another designer/developer or used a website builder (aka WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.). There are many host providers out there some advertise on TV, radio, and print. Quite often an existing site is hosted by the same company that you used to purchase your domain name.

Blue Shutters Web Design can host your website if you do not have a current host or if you are not happy with your hosting provider.

Website Maintenance / Administration

Some web designers/developers do not like to work with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Weebly, etc., and this is one area that makes Blue Shutters different. I will work with you and your system if you don’t have time to focus on learning your CMS or making updates to your site.

Blue Shutters is open to businesses of all sizes, and believe that our business can grow as our clients grow. If you have not yet purchased a domain and are using the free version of a CMS you can still be a client and I can help you work with one of the available templates and get you online in a cost-effective manner.

We are based in Dracut, MA serving the surrounding area in person. You do not need to be local to use our services we also have clients that are located in other states.


Additional Information:

If you need additional items for your website that I am not able to provide to you I am very happy to help you find a vendor that can supply what you need. I can reach out to people within my network to subcontract any additional services such at the items listed below.


I am not a copywriter, however, I utilize the Grammarly app with any text provided to me by my clients. This app will help identify spelling and some grammar issues but not all grammar issues such as incomplete sentences. I can work with each client to obtain copywriting services to enhance the content of their site.


Very minor and basic photo editing is included in my services, however, for extensive editing or obtaining photos of you, your staff, and your business you will need to hire a professional. I can provide you with the contact information of local photographers and would be happy to work with the client and photographer.


I do not provide logos, I am not a graphic designer. There are a variety of options available, contact me to discuss your ideas.

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