4 Day Work Week or Shorter Day?

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Last night in a networking meeting one of the members discussed how last year she had made a decision to take on less work to allow for a better work/life balance and she enjoyed it and wanted to do the same again. It makes sense to me, a lot of people do want to find a way to make that balance work for them. I freely admit some professions make it easier than for other professions to work with a reduced day or week.

One of the biggest things I see in the news is the idea of a 4 day work week, or shorter working days and which is better for productivity and reducing burn out. I am working on this idea myself and have yet to decide as to what is the best for me and what would be the most sustainable.

Here are some articles to read if you are interested in the topic:

Let me know on my Facebook page what you think about a shorter work day or a 4 day work week. Do you think either model will be successful, do you want to try one, do you have this system already in place? If so what tips do you have for others, what did you do to make it work?

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