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Blog Redesign Part 1- Blue Shutters Web Design, LLC


I am going to take you a bit behind the scenes to get a look at some of what I do and some of the decisions I make. Right now I am struggling with how to update my blog and give it a bit of a different look, this will be the first part of a three-part series.

As many of us know getting started is the hardest part, so we often plan and plan and plan and then never do anything. There is a season for everything and sometimes we need to plan and sometimes we just have to jump in and do it with the knowledge that at some point we will need to redo our work. There is value in just getting it done, it can teach us about what we want, what we like, and what we would have done differently so we can do that next time.

That is the way I felt about starting this blog, I felt overwhelmed with all the decisions that needed to be made so it was easy to just plan and plan and plan…

Development Cylce on Whiteboard
Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels.

But at the same time I knew that I just needed to start otherwise nothing would get done, I knew I could revise and change. One of my favorite phrases applies but I am human and don’t always live it, so it was time for me to embrace and live the phrase:

"Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good"

Phase 1

Identify the bare minimum requirements:

  • Layout
  • Categories to use
  • Do I want to filter posts based on categories
  • How often should I blog
  • What will I blog about
  • Will I allow comments

I sat down and decided I will just go for it, I picked a layout that I liked, figured out a few categories and what I would blog about. While I did want to filter based on categories since this was the start of the blog, I did not need that functionality in phase one, but it would be something I would need I phase two. I also decided that once a week for posts was going to be my schedule, simply because I felt it was a schedule that I could sustain and that was my priority, do something that was sustainable. I knew that I could eventually add additional days to blog if I felt I could sustain it but at the same time there is so much information out there I didn’t want to overwhelm people. Once a week seems doable and someone could read one post a week.

The big question for me to answer was what did I want to do about comments, quite frankly I don’t want to moderate comments, so I made the compromise to point people to my Facebook page where I announce the blog posts as a place to have a conversation about the piece. Is this the perfect solution? Not really but it is a decision and this was not something I wanted to waste a lot of time on.

Right now my main blog page, also known as the index page has the carousel of the six most recent posts, and then below that is a listing with all my posts with the most recent at the top. That page is getting very long and you need to scroll A LOT to see the titles of all my posts, and who wants to scroll that much?

Blue Shutters Webdesign Blog

Additionally, you cannot filter the posts to a specific category that interests you. I have reached the point where good is no longer good, the index page is long and the filtering capability that I want is not there.

Summary of Phase 1 - My Current State

Identify the bare minimum requirements:

  • Layout - Done
  • Categories to use - Done; Clients, Review, Business, Websites, Just For Fun
  • Do I want to filter posts based on categories - Yes but for phase 2
  • How often should I blog - Done; weekly
  • What will I blog about - Done; Clients, Reviews, Business, Websites
  • Will I allow comments - Done; yes but via Facebook, but subject to change

It is time to move to phase 2, so be sure to come back next week to see what is in store for this blog.

Please leave comments on my Facebook page or if you have any questions about how I can help your business with a redesign please send me an email or call 978-364-3056 to discuss your ideas and needs.

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