Blog Redesign Part 3- Blue Shutters Web Design, LLC


Part 1 and Part 2

Welcome to the final installment of my Blog Redesign series!

This is the third and final part in a three-part series so let's dig into phase 3 of the process.

I listed the final steps at the end of my second post and they were:

  • Determine how many blog titles I wanted to display on the front page
  • Pick a layout for the filtered page results
  • Determine how many blog titles I wanted to display on the filtered page results
  • Determine if I should change the structure from subdomain to subdirectory

Phase 3

Subdomain vs. Subdirectory

I changed my structure from a subdomain to a subdirectory. I made the change primarily to make it a bit easier for me to track my pages. There are different trains of thought about which version (subdomain or subdirectory) is best for SEO, and in my situation, I felt the subdirectory was a better fit.

Previously the URL would look like this:

Now the URL would look like this:

Filtered Pages (aka category pages)

For my filtered pages, the results that are displayed are the titles of posts that fall in a particular category. The filtered pages, maintain the same menu, sidebars, and footer sections of the individual blog articles. Blue Shutters Web Design Blog The main section is altered to have rectangular boxes that display the main image from the post, the title, date, author, and category. To break up the display to allow the eye to move over the page I alternate which side I have placed that main image. I used that same layout on all six category pages that I created for this redesign. With the alternating location of the images, I decided on having 10 titles per page.

Blog Front Page

On the blog front page (aka the most current posts) I made very minimal changes to the layout.

  • I altered the menu to include a drop-down menu for the blog categories.
  • In the top image section with the rotating carousel of images, I reduced the number of images from six to three. Those will remain the most current posts.
  • Blue Shutters Web Design Blog
  • I reduced the number of posts displayed. There will be a total of 8 per page.
    • On the first page, I keep the first post my welcome message to provide the reader with my vision of the blog. The remaining 7 posts are the most recent.
    • All pages will have pagination allowing readers to navigate to the older posts.
Blue Shutters Web Design Blog

While that covers the bulk of what you can see for the redesign there were other minor and not so minor changes that I needed to make as well. As a result of moving to a subdirectory, I had to move the location of all my images and the individual posts themselves. Other items that I needed to address due to the change were:

  • Updating file path references to supporting files: images, CSS files, and JavaScript files for every single blog article.
  • Updating the menu on every single blog article.
  • Updating the category tags on every single blog article to include a link to the category page.
  • Updating the menu on my main page to point to the new location of the blog.

Wrappig Up Lose Ends

Within the next few days I will be:

  • Updating the subdomain page with a new message about the new location, provide relevant links and notifying any readers of when the page will go away.
  • Deleting most files from my subdomain.

Within the next week or so I will do some additional housekeeping chores to finalize the move.

  • Deleting remaining files from my subdomain.
  • Creating a page redirect file.


There were visual and functional changes, but overall it is not a huge change from what I had previously, most of the changes were behind the scenes in the code and location of files.

I did think of additional updates that I want to make, and I am not surprised because I find that once you start a project and are doing the work you can more easily identify areas that need work. This is no different than if you were to paint one room in your house, more than likely that will lead you to want to make additional changes to either that room or the surrounding rooms.

For now, I will let these changes rest for a bit and consider my next move because I know that little by little it all gets done.

Please leave comments on my Facebook page or if you have any questions about how I can help your business with a redesign please send me an email or call 978-364-3056 to discuss your ideas and needs.

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