Have you lost a customer because they said, “I couldn’t find you online”?


Do you know what this is?

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Maybe you do and maybe you don’t, but for many people the modern version of that book is this:

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And yes, you can go yellowpages.com, most people use a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

And the question for you as a business owner is can someone find you online? If they cannot how can customers reach out to you if they cannot find you?

Can You Be Found?

Despite the restrictions imposed upon us all due to COVID-19 we still need to make a living and that means that we need to be found by potential customers. The past few days I have been running some errands and have seen a few different trucks and yard signs for local tradespeople. The thing is I was driving so the best I could do was try to remember the name, there was no way I could remember the number of the business. I was by myself so I couldn’t ask a passenger to take a picture of the sign for me so that I could call the business later.

I did enter the name on the sign or truck into a search engine, and my results were:

  • For one business, a company with the same name located in British Columbia, Canada came up in my search result, nothing local to me.
  • Another business a masonry contractor, nothing for that one came up however I found 5 listings for other masons in the area
  • The final company I searched for, I did find a contact number via the Better Business Bureau and that was it. They did have an A+ rating.

I would love to talk to those businesses about creating a website for them and do plan on contacting the one, that I did find a phone number for, but those others, there is not much I can do to reach them right now. If I cannot find them, then it is likely that their future customers cannot find them either.

While the current environment we find ourselves in is certainly challenging, it can also create opportunities. Having a website can help your business capitalize on those opportunities by helping your future customers find you. People that have been working from home for 4 months and they spent part of that time in makeshift offices and balanced their space with their kids to complete their distance learning. Some solutions parents maybe able to accomplish on their own, and other solutions will be larger projects and they will need help.

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What will late August and early September bring? While I would like to send my kids back to school, I know that the plans are fluid and realistically I have to anticipate that they will be home for some portion of their school year. I am not all that different from other working parents, they are probably looking around their house thinking, what are we going to do? What they did for the end of the school year was supposed to be temporary, and it isn't looking so temporary right now. They are looking to make changes.

Their answer may be looking at that basement or guest room as their answer. They may need an electrician to add additional outlets to support work and or student laptops. Perhaps it is time to finish that basement to add work stations and play areas to separate the kids from the parents. Or maybe the space is fine but it is drab and they have been staring at the same walls for 4 months and realize it all needs some new paint. Realistically some of those improvements should already be scheduled. There are plenty of people still trying to figure things out and they will be scrambling trying to find someone to help them update their home to accomodate their needs now that they are not so temporary. Those are your potential customers, can they find you?

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If they can’t find you, or they can find you but your site needs some updating I can help. When you hire Blue Shutters Web Design, I do the time consuming work of setting up your site, which allows you to better utilize your time to benefit you. Rather than spending time creating, updating, or maintaining your site, you can use that time so spend some time with your family, book another client, or maybe sleep, whatever suits your needs.

Let me know if you are creating a different space in anticipation of resuming distance learning while trying to work from home by leaving a comment on my Facebook page. And if you are undertaking any home improvement projects please be sure to check with your local government entity to ensure your updates are compliant with current codes and regulations.

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