Why do you do Custom Sites and WordPress Admin?


I have had customers and prospective customers ask me why I offer both services and what the difference is between the two. I am going to start by explaining why I do both and then discuss the differences.


Each business is different and they have their own needs and are at various places in the life of their business, and it is as simple as that. Some businesses are starting and don't have a lot of capital but want to start their site, others are ready to do a revamp of their previous site to make it more modern. The important thing is to find the fit for the business and not try to create a one size fits all product.

When I meet with a client I obviously will discuss their budget but also; what they want to accomplish with the site, how hands on they want to be with maintaining the site, and how much time they want to devote to the site.

My goal with my business is to work with other businesses, provide a valuable service at a reasonable price and that is why I offer custom sites and WordPress administration services so that I can fit the needs of the customer.

What Is Custom?

If you are looking for a custom site, I will provide you with the HTML file(s), CSS file(s), and JavaScript file(s).

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This option is great if you want something that is all your own and you do not want to handle the regular maintenance of the site. Your site could be a single long scroll landing page, or it could have multiple pages. Regardless of the number of pages of the site, I use the bootstrap framework to build my sites because:

  • it is responsive
  • increases the speed of development
  • consistency across browsers

Why WordPress Administration?

A business may have already started their site and have the domain and began adding information into the WordPress system but wanted a more hands-off approach to maintenance. WordPress is an example of a content management system (CMS), Wix and Weebly are other examples of CMS.

Within WordPress, the business that started the process can grant access while they are still the 'owner' of the site and domain. The owner of the site can assign the role of the new user. They can be a Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, or Administrator, you can read more about the roles at WordPress’s support site.

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If a business does not have the time to commit to getting the site ready for launch but feels that they can devote the time to maintenance using a CMS system they can contract with me to do the initial setup and they can maintain it. Another option available is a contract with me to do the setup and we can agree to a length of term for Blue Shutters Web Design to provide maintenance, and at the end of the term the business owner can evaluate their business and if they have time to dedicate to maintenance or we can extend the contract.

So what do I do now?

Each style of creating a website has its pros and cons, and I cannot say one is better than the other. This is part of the value that I add to my customers, I talk to them and find the product that will fit their business needs. Call (978-364-3056) or email today and we can discuss your specific needs and wants and I can outline the pros and cons of each style as it relates to your business rather than providing you a one size fits all approach.

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