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Just over a year ago I wrote a post talking about the differences between a personal a business page (profile) on Facebook. I recently received an email asking me if I would consider updating the post to include a link to a different article (see my policy about links here) that included information about Facebook Business pages.

After I reviewed the article I decided rather than updating a post that was a year old but to write a new post on the topic to include some information that I didn’t cover last time. If you have not yet created your Business page, you can go back to my first post and check out those links, or you can check out this article from Avasam ( I was asked to use this article and Avasam may promote my post via a Facebook Ad, I do not receive any direct compensation). I liked that this is almost a one-stop article about setting up your Business Page and some of the tools within Facebook.

You may be thinking why I am writing another post about Facebook Business Pages if I have already done one, the answer is really simple because there is always something to tweak and adjust.

“Like anything to do with selling or conducting business online, it’s never finished. You should be regularly reviewing the changes Facebook makes to its features and policies for a start.”

Even before I read this article I have been making some tweaks to my page and trying some new things. I posted two tutorials on things that I have used in regards to my Facebook Page, you can check my videos out here.

Because I have already set up my business page and written an article I did not spend a lot of time on the setup sections. Where I did spend a good deal of time was the in the “..tools available to you” section, quite frankly the metrics can be daunting and this helped me understand them a bit more and discussed a tool that I am not using but I am looking at utilizing going forward.

“There is also a section entitled “Pages to watch”. You can add pages for other companies here to monitor them and compare performance. You can add competitors, but you can also add in companies that are held up as leaders in their field to compare what they are doing to your page. This lets you identify things you can try yourself, with less trial and error”

In the article, they discuss other tools as well including learning when your fans are online, a demographic break down people that have clicked on your call to action button, and scheduling your posts. If you are on a shoestring budget you may be able to find social scheduler programs that fit your needs, for me since I am currently only on Facebook I use their scheduling tool (found under Publishing tools in the top navigation bar).

I was intrigued but the ideas of templates and the article very briefly touch on them and I decided to look into them further because I had not heard of them. Bopgun’s post about which Facebook template you should use is a very quick read is just a summary of the different types of templates, so this is a skip-able read in my opinion.

“It’s a feature that was actually introduced back at the end of 2016! Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it as you’re not alone. Although this update has flown under the radar it’s a really helpful addition to make life easier for the page owner.”

Extra Tidbits

Wrapping It Up

As I was looking at these changes to Facebook, it highlights the need for a website because you can control the content and display of your content, Facebook (and any social media platform) tweak their algorithm and you have no control over how you display your information and who sees your content. A website and social media are complementary to each other, they can work together to promote your business. Using Facebook or Social media is always going to be a process and there are always going to be things that you can change and tweak, I try to not wait for perfection because nothing will get done that way. I do my best to use my tools wisely and to the best of my ability, because it is a part of marketing and necessary but it is not my strong suit, my business is not marketing, maybe you are in the same boat as me. What tweaks are have you made recently or are you planning on making? Let me known by leaving a comment on my Facebook page.

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