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The fall/winter holidays are just around the corner and there is just as much uncertainty and turmoil as were around with the spring/summer holidays. Many businesses and families are still struggling to determine what exactly they can do and how to balance that with what they want to do.

There are:

  •   11 Days until Halloween
  •    37 Days until Thanksgiving
  •   51 Days until Hanukkah
  •   66 Days until Christmas
  •     67 Days until Kwanza
  •   72 Days until New Year's Eve

Trying to determine what to do and how to make it happen certainly takes planning, and the thought of doing something new can be daunting. One of the blessings and (and curses) of holidays are the traditions and not needing to think too much about things, you just do what you always do. So now that things are changing and you assess your risk tolerance and determine what is appropriate for where you are, you may be wondering what now.

"The most damaging phrase in the language is 'We’ve always done it this way!'"

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper


If you chose to not take your kids trick or treating, more than likely you can do something fun with them without too much work. While my town has set trick or treating hours, my family will not be participating, because it is not right for our family. I know that not all families are in the same boat as we are and I have no problems with families making decisions that correct for them, even when they are not the same as my decisions.

Some things we are doing for our family party:

  • Fun Food
  • Either a treasure hunt for a ‘loot’ aka candy or we will just hide it as the Easter bunny does
  • A movie marathon of fun movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein
  • My kids will likely wear costumes during the day we have a lot of ones from previous years that still fit
Blue Shutters Web Design Pinterest Board for Halloween


This one is trickier simply because I never host Thanksgiving. Previously we would go to my husband’s cousin’s house, and then when my sister moved to the area we would go there. Well, my sister has moved out of the area, and I am not sure what my husband’s cousin’s plans are, so I am planning on hosting a small Thanksgiving for 4-6 people.

One thing I love is turkey, but with that small number of people, my hesitation is what do I do with all the leftovers. I have created a list of recipes to use the leftovers, of course, I will do Thanksgiving dinner part deux because I do love the whole shebang once more. And yes I will get tired of turkey based meals, and this is where my gathered recipes come in handy. Based on the recipes in my plan I will include freezing some of the leftovers in specific portions based on those recipes.

Blue Shutters Web Design Pinterest Board for Thanksgiving leftovers
I intentionally keep my boards small so I don't suffer decision paralysis and actually make something new.

December Holidays

Oddly enough this one isn’t as big of a deal for us because it has always been pretty much just the four of us so there won’t be too much of a difference in what we do and eat. But I am sure that for many people they are used to big gatherings.

One thing that I will be doing differently this year is to use the good china! I have this lovely china that I never use, and I wonder why? So for my anniversary back in April I busted it out and it was great, so I will be sure to do that again for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe New Year's as well. I will also schedule some video calls rather than just talking to family on the phone.

This year is going to be different and I can focus on what I cannot do or I can focus on doing something different in a good way, to provide happy memories rather than memories of what we missed out on.

Blue Shutters Web Design Pinterest Board for December
I intentionally keep my boards small so I don't suffer decision paralysis and actually make something new.

A Lesson From The Year

If there is one thing that I have learned over the course of 2020 is that it all comes down to perspective. Yes, a lot of the restrictions suck and can make you miserable, but some good things can happen too. Yes, it is also hard to see those good things at times, I am not relentlessly cheerful and optimistic, it is a struggle but one I think is worth engaging in.

"The things that go wrong often make the best memories." .

Is there any change in holiday planning that you are looking forward to? Share your ideas and plans on my Facebook page.

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