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Give your current site a fresh coat of paint in 2020


One question that I have had people ask me is why they should use my services if they already have a website. And truthfully, your business may not need my services at all, but here are some things to consider and if your answer is yes to one or more items then you would be a good candidate to be utilize my services.

  • When was your site created, if it was more than 3 years ago when was your last update?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Did your previous web designer/developer retire, change jobs, or close their business?
  • Do you want to make changes, but just don’t have the time?

As a consumer when I look at a business’ website and am sometimes left wondering if they are still actually doing business because their site looks dated and not maintained. Sometimes I will call or send an email to inquire about their services, but more often than not I will just move on and assume they are no longer in business simply because it doesn’t look like their site is maintained.

Let's assume that you are interested in making some changes but are not sure where to begin, this is where I can help. I have been reviewing and reading about trends for 2020 and below are some trends that could be incorporated into an existing website to provide a fresh look with a modest investment.

  • Pricing
  • SSL Certificate
  • Mobile First
  • Organic Shapes
  • Minimalism (Whitespace)
  • Bold Color


I will freely admit this is a tough one for me and will be one that I explore further in-depth to potentially make some minor changes to my own site. If you have explored my main page you will notice I don’t mention pricing for my services, largely because I didn’t know how to do it because the price would be variable depending on what the client needed.

IMPACT has pricing as #3 on their 2020 trend list and they state:

Showing your price is a sign that you’re trustworthy. You’re not trying to mislead people or waste anyone’s time.

There is merit to their statement, and I plan on investigating making a change for Blue Shutters in the future. Should you plan on adding information about your business’ pricing IMPACT has an article that looks at examples of website pricing. (Yes I have this bookmarked to review in more detail so that I can create a plan for how I want to incorporate their ideas to update my site.)

SSL Certificate

TheeDigital mentions SSL certificates were a trend in 2019 and continuing on in 2020. On October 23rd of 2019 I wrote a blog article titled ‘Is Your Site Secure?’ and it boils down to yes you need an SSL certificate even if you are not selling anything directly on your site.

The summary is:

  • Everybody’s doing it so it keeps your site inline with current standards
  • Can improve your search engine rankings
  • Improve your trustworthiness

Please read that article for more details and follow the links to the sources that were quoted for in-depth information.

Mobile First

Mobile-first showed up on a few different lists and similar to the SSL certificate this isn’t really a trend, but a must-have if you don’t already have it. I posted about responsive design in October 2019 with an article titled 'Why Use Responsive Design?'


The summary for that article is:

  • People are doing more searches on mobile phones rather than desktops
  • Search rankings are prioritizing mobile design
  • Growth of ‘near me’ searches

Organic Shapes

This trend is a fancy way of saying use rounded-edged and not harsh angles. TheeDigital says:

Think of the shapes that happen in nature, like hills or the way the edges of a lake or river are asymmetrical and winding.


As you can see from this blog and my site I use geometric shapes, pretty much all squares and rectangles. As I move into 2020 this may be an area that I tweak and round off the corners, or add some shapes in the background. If you have read previous articles of mine I like to remind my readers that this can be an iterative process, you do not need to have everything completely figured out. Start with a solid game plan and know where you are going, and execute each section as you get to it well.


To incorporate this look, just KISS your site, Keep It Simple Silly. Don’t allow yourself to incorporate ‘all the things’, pick a clean font for your text, and keep other elements simple. Let the content that describes your business, your products, and your services shine by not fighting other elements for the prospective customer’s interest. Some of the articles on trends called this minimalism (flat design) and others called it whitespace.

Wix blog describes whitespace as:

Whitespace (or negative space) is a term referring to the blank areas in between the design elements. It gives any page or screen a spacious, well-balanced feel. And while most commonly white, whitespace can also be made up of any other background color. It includes the spacing between lines or columns of text, the space around each of the visuals, or the margins around the page.

Bold Color

When I first saw bold color and even color blocks listed as trends, I thought it would be work against the trend; minimalism/white space. However, as I moved through the various articles the authors provided examples of how they can work together.

Bold color and white space, it is very hard to think of white space as anything other than white simply because of the way our brains are wired, we see the word white and think white. You can work with a bold background color and streamline your design elements to allow a lot of the background to shine through.

Another way to consider using a bold color would be with your headings, with a very neutral background and minimal design elements. And if you find yourself struggling to identify colors that you want to use there any number of color palette makers available, you can check out any paint brand’s online site and if you input a color they will suggest complementary colors for you.


To get inspiration for bold colors I am looking at Pantone and their color of the year for 2020 which is ‘Classic Blue’ because they set the color trends for fashion which ripple into home decor, graphics, advertising, etc.. They are color experts and I do like to go with the experts it saves me time by not having to reinvent the wheel myself. Pantone even has a section on their website with suggested color palettes  that incorporate their color of the year, I like the boldness of their ‘Snorkel’ palette.


Now that I have presented a few different trends for 2020 which ones stick out to you? Don’t worry about making your site perfect and trying to tackle all the items in the list, pick a few and make it an iterative process. Which ones do you want to use to give your website a ‘fresh coat of paint’ so to speak, let me know on my Facebook page.

NOTE: I am not being paid for my mentions of people, articles, products, or books I used above nor do I receive referral compensation. The links I provide are for your convenience only.

DISCLAIMER: This advice is general in nature and not to be taken as personal professional advice. This blog does not provide legal advice if you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly.

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