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Guest Post - Kara Doyle Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union

This is a guest post and I had asked Kara Doyle from Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union (JDCU) if she would like to participate in my guest blog series. I do use JDCU for my business bank account but I have not received any compensation for this post, nor did I pay for this post.

Greetings! Each year May is designated as Small Business Month and it is a time to celebrate the successes they have achieved. I think it is pretty clear that this year our small business community is facing significant challenges. With that being said, the small business community has also received tremendous support and recognition from the communities they serve.

This support has come in many forms including loan programs offered through the SBA such as the Payment Protection Program. This loan is designed to put money in the hands of small businesses so they can maintain their employees and expenses. If you are one of the business owners that received funds from the PPP I encourage you to check out the Forbes article that provides tips on obtaining loan forgiveness.

At Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union we recognize that small businesses are the fabric of our community. We applaud all entrepreneurs and work to provide the support they need to succeed during these challenging times. Our team of experts will work with each small business to provide a customized solution to meet their needs with a wide array of products and services.

Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union offers all of the great financial products and services of a traditional bank but with lower rates on loans and higher yields on deposits, in many cases. We have convenient Massachusetts branches in Lowell, Dracut, Chelmsford, Tyngsboro, Methuen and Westford, and one New Hampshire branch in Nashua. As a community-focused credit union, we provide a level of personal service and local decisions on loans that large, multi-region banks and other financial institutions cannot match. Feel free to contact me directly at 978-323-3242 or kara dot doyle @ with any questions.

You can find JDCU online and social media

I know that Kara, as well as many other local bankers, have been extremely busy recently working with small business owners. After reading the Forbe's article Kara referenced it is clear that the Paycheck Protection Program is complex, and I would urge anyone that is a PPP borrower to read the article and keep in touch with their tax professional to help you navigate these crazy regulations, and as a holdover from when I was in the corporate world, document document document!

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