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Guest Post - Rachel Polizzotti of Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating, LLC

This is a guest post and I had asked Rachel Polizzotti from Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating, LLC if she would like to participate in my guest blog series, I have not received any compensation for this post, nor did I pay for this post.

We have a saying in our house “Success is determined by how you handle setbacks” it's all but tattooed on our bodies. We have it on little signs in the office, written on notes and verbally reminded to one another often. It’s a phrase that just “fits” for us. It always has.

Steven and I are the very proud owners of Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating. A 6 year old plumbing and heating business based out of Dracut, Massachusetts that we started by making a Facebook page and wanting to do things our own way. We have overcome significant obstacles since opening our doors and so when faced with operating during a pandemic hasn’t been a cake walk, we have viewed it as an exercise in discipline.

Neither Steven nor I have a business degree, he is a master journeyman plumber having graduated from Greater Lowell Technical Highschool and then the Peterson School in Woburn and I received a double major in English & Communications from the University of New Hampshire. Our vision of what the future held never included our current reality. Discipline has played a major role in the scaling up of our business because we have self taught ourselves the key pillars of running a successful small business.

Trust, communication & experience.

Although higher education and formal training can touch on what we believe is most important in running a business, it was hands on job training, making mistakes and shifting our way of thinking that allowed us this viewpoint.

Trust is the first of these three pillars, we find it is so crucial to establish an environment that has a firm foundation in reliance. May it be the relationship between us and a homeowner or that of an employee/employer relationship, each and every situation holds the same level of care.Communication is the second pillar, and equally as important. Many are unfamiliar to our trade, being able to educate them on what needs to be done provides them insight into the work that we do and establishes the faith needed to allow us to perform our job. The last pillar is experience, if a customer or contractor has a positive interaction with us it lets us know we have done what we set out to; provide a service and educate others on our trade. A positive experience is also the key ingredient in how we have such a high referral rate.

Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating
Image Source Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating on Instagram.

The viewpoint many who don't walk the path of self employment don’t see is the way that owning your own business finds a way to seep into every facet of your life. We often refer to our business as our third child; we talk about it constantly when out for date nights, lay awake worrying about it many nights and despite rarely being away on vacation we still never separate from it.

These last eight weeks has involved a lot of changes and forward thinking, the type of thinking no one can accurately plan ahead for. We have changed our list of services weekly, if not daily! We have been diligent in trying to operate an essential business that the community needs while protecting our valued employees and those we interact with; other contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, & the partners we rely on for materials.

So for now we will stick to focusing on what we set out to do; provide plumbing and heating services at an affordable price. Home owners need someone they can trust, and contractors need someone they can fully rely on and everyone needs to feel like they get what they pay for. By focusing on gaining trust through effectively communicating to provide a positive experience we will be successful and look forward to helping our community. COVID 19 has tested us, many days has even frightened us, but viewing this experience as an opportunity to show that through a strong mindset and a firm foundation we can overcome this setback successfully.

Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating
Image Source Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating on Instagram.

You can find Polizzotti Plumbing & Heating, LLC online and on social media

Owning your own business is tricky to begin with and add in all the changes we have delt with over the past eight weeks, makes it even crazier, and your last two paragraphs really hit home and something that so many of us business owners are trying to do as well. Thank you Rachel for taking the time to participate in my guest blog series.

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