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This client profile is for John F Sullivan, I have created his site and then I did a redesign as well. John is a software engineer, with a focus on cloud storage but he does enjoy working on various side projects. This site is built using the Bootstrap framework for the HTML and CSS files.

This was one of the very first pages I developed and it was very personal to me. It did go through an evolution from what I first started with to what it is currently. In fact, I would say that I had developed this site a bit backwards if I am honest.

I did not start with the home page, that was simple text and very plain because the point of the site was for personal resumes and the intent was to never provide the home URL.


What would be published would be the URL with the sub-directories (aka pages) and that would be within LinkedIn and on the PDF of the actual resume. This is where I added some styling and where I focused my efforts on the design, hence the starting backwards. Even with the styling that I added via the CSS it is still very text based, simple and straight-forward. It got the job done but didn’t necessarily have the ‘wow’ factor.


I did go back to redesign the page and this is what one of those sections looks like now:


Previously it was set up like the Software Contributions page that you can see above, it was farily simple text. For the updated design, I added a filter so that people could look at just specific projects or all projects. Additionally for this update I did some basic image editing to combine a few images and make them all the same size.

While I am not a graphic designer nor a Photoshop (or GIMP which is what I used in this project) expert I can do some minor image edits

The main section of the site now looks like this:


You may be wondering how that was backward, it seems pretty normal and it would be if that was the main page, but please remember it is merely a page within a domain. The style of the domain was dictated by the style of this page. After the page for John was updated, I went back and applied the same style to the main page. As you can see the layout is the same as John's page, the differences are minor, they encompass the color palette and images used. The layout is the same.


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