Kicking off 2020!


Welcome to the new year, this is always a bit of an exciting and nerve-wracking time for me. I love the energy of the ‘clean slate’ mentality and I love the way it makes it seem like it is easier to start a new project, focus on a new goal, or simply change something in my life. Yet it is nerve-wracking because I am trying something new and I want to do it well.

While I have a lot of things going on in the background I have made a few lists of things that I would:

  • like to read
  • like to visit
  • like to learn about

One of the things that I love best about being my own boss is the ability to set my schedule and allow work and family to blend as much or as little as I want. Things that I learn in a professional capacity can be tweaked to help the family or just me personally and vice versa. This comes into play a lot when I am reading so here is a list of ten books I am planning on reading at some point this year. These are books that are outside my typical read for fun genre and encompass some business books, personal development, and fiction.


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  1. The Power of Bad – John Tierney (I am currently on a waiting list from the library for this book)
  2. The Experience Economy – B Joseph Pine II
  3. Performance Partnerships – Robert Glazer
  4. Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault – Cathy Guissewite
  5. Loveability – Brian de Haaff
  6. 500 Social Media Tips – Andrew Maccarthy
  7. Hemingway Found – David F Berns & Steve Moore
  8. Fierce Woman – Rhoda Shapiro
  9. The Book of Delights – Ross Gay
  10. Better Than Before – Gretchen Rubin (this is a re-read for me and I already own this)

I would like to visit a few places this year as a family because I have fantastic memories of the family vacations from my youth and I want to foster those same memories with my kids. Secondly, because downtime and experiencing new places can cultivate creativity to be used across all aspects of my life. And finally, because they can create that paradox of being exhausted (but in a good way) and energy that makes you ready to jump back into ‘real life’.


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  • Niagara Falls (both the NY and Canadian sides)
  • Mt. Washington
  • At least 3 local state or national parks for great day trips.

And of course, I would like to learn more and continue with my professional development. The areas that I am looking at specifically are:

Learn More

  • e-commerce sites (likely woo-commerce and maybe Shopify as well)
  • business social media
  • networking

Let me know on my Facebook page what you think about a shorter work day or a 4 day work week. Do you think either model will be successful, do you want to try one, do you have this system already in place? If so what tips do you have for others, what did you do to make it work?

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