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Client Profile

In addition to creating websites by using HTML and CSS files, I also offer Content Management System (CMS) administrative services for clients. I have worked with WordPress, Weebly, and now Square (which is also Weebly with a slightly different style user interface.)

The Project

Valerie Gauthier is the owner of Lupine Designs already had a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account (@lupinedesignblooms) for her business, and both offer a great way for her to showcase her work and interact with her customers she was still limited in what she could say about her business. However, she wanted to add a website to round out her online presence.

At this time she didn’t want to offer online ordering because each of her bouquets is a custom design for her customers, each one is unique and fresh. However, she still wanted the option to easily add that feature in the future. She intended to update and maintain her site, with that in mind, I looked for a system that would be easy for her to maintain. I investigated options that would be right for her in anticipation of possible expansion and decided to utilize the site-building application from Square.

The Content Management System

Square is a very common point of sale system and the company has many different features, one is creating an online store. For Valerie this is the route that made the most sense, she was able to purchase her domain via Square, and then I established her base website using their Content Management System (CMS). As part of the purchase of her domain an SSL certificate was included and applied, it should be noted that once her site was published it did take a bit of time for the SSL certificate to be established, and this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

You should be aware that there can be a lag and that it is normal. Once we published the site and we typed in the URL we did receive the scary looking warning that the site was not secure etc, and for that reason, she did not publicize the creation of her website.

We published on a Friday with a note that we would check the site to ensure that the SSL was recognized and re-convene if necessary on Monday. I did do a quick check on Sunday and the SSL was indeed recognized (so there was no longer a scary warning like in the image above) and followed up on Monday with an email to Valerie to let her know that the SSL was applied and recognized.

Square’s CMS is powered by Weebly, however, I would like to note that the interaction and dashboard used when creating your site within the Square environment is slightly different than if you are creating directly in the Weebly environment. There are similarities, and any CMS is going to have its quirks but I found that the environment in the Square environment was a bit more restrictive than that in the native Weebly environment.

It Is About The Client

My business philosophy is to focus on the client and solve their needs rather than pushing a one size fits all solution. While I do offer website administrative services for CMS systems, I do not require my clients to use them. For Valerie at Lupine Designs, she wanted to be able to make updates on her own after a site was established.

I worked with Valerie to gather information about her store, as well as her social media accounts to link them to her website. I created a video tutorial as well as providing her a PDF document that described how to login and make changes with some screenshots to help guide her through the process.

A Note

There was a small hiccup at the final stage, I met with Valerie in person and we were able to resolve it. There is a difference between Square (also known as Squareup) and Squarespace. Suzanne Trevellyan wrote a very brief blog post about it and is a short read. The cliff notes version is this:

  • Square (Squareup) is a Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Squarespace is an all in one platform for building websites.

If you are interested in becoming a client and have questions about how to start the process, please contact me to set up an appointment. You can call me at 978-364-3056. email me directly, or use Facebook to schedule a free consultation.

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