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One thing that I have been pondering since I began Blue Shutters Web Design is:

Should I have a mission statement?

One reason that I put off answering my own question is that I wasn’t really sure what a mission statement is. The idea of it was overwhelming so I decided to put it off and just not worry about it, and focus on other aspects of my business. With so many businesses unable to operate right now, I am taking some time to focus on things that I never felt I had the time to take care of, including answering this question once and for all.

My first step was to define what a mission statement is.

“The purpose of a mission statement is to provide a short summary of the business’ purpose and focus. It can be complex or succinct, but it should never be more than one paragraph (and in many cases, more than one sentence).”

The good news is that a mission statement is a short piece, but I have a feeling that coming up with a short paragraph is going to take a while because it still seems like a daunting process and I was not convinced that it would be relevant or helpful. Before I committed to writing a mission statement I felt that more research was needed to convince me that it was worth my while. That lead me to find an article posted by The Balance Careers does the following things:

  • Identifies the scope of its operation
  • Identifies what kind of products or services it provides
  • Identifies it's intended audience
  • Identifies what values it adheres it

Ok that seems simple enough and I realized that I do have a lot of that information already written in various places on my website so it is not as if I have to start from scratch, I just need to mold and revamp a few things to create a solid and short mission statement.

I still wanted some more inspiration and I found a list at Hubspot, you can see the full list here, but this one is my favorite.

Life is Good: To spread the power of optimism.

So now I know what a mission statement is and what it does, and I have been inspired by some great mission statements. I know I have all the pieces in various locations on my website already I just need to pull it all together, the question is how?

For this, I am going to use another article from The Balance Careers because they list the 3 keys to a Meaningful Mission Statement.

  1. Pass the Mother Test: A mission statement must be a concise paragraph describing what your company does and for whom. Show your mission to your mother, if she does not understand it, start again.
  2. Self-Igniting: Your mission is for you and your business. It does not have to be an earth moving statement. It can be whatever inspires you.
  3. Value Alignment: Forget the money. A meaningful mission goes beyond the dollars and cents. If your small business is creative, focus your mission on creativity. Try to be what your core competency is.

Those three tips are solid and easy to understand, and for me, it takes the pressure off myself, this doesn’t have to be an amazing statement, it just has to fit me. Additionally, those tips are not some vague description, I can explain things to my Mom, it can be focused on me, and I know what the core message the service I provide.

Blue Shutters Web Design’s Mission Statement:

Create and update websites for tiny businesses without breaking the bank, allowing my customers to focus on the work they specialize in.

Looking back at the items that The Balance piece defines as the purpose of the website, have hit those points.

  • Identifies the scope of its operation "Create and update websites"
  • Identifies what kind of products or services it provides "Create and update websites"
  • Identifies it's intended audience "tiny businesses"
  • Identifies what values it adheres it "without breaking the bank"

Do you have a mission statement? If not do you plan on creating one now or are you happy to go along as you have? Leave your comments on my Facebook page.

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