Reemerging 83 Days Later

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We have spent a lot more time in sequester than I had ever dreamed of, and I have to be honest there were times where I didn’t think I would get out of it alive. There have been a ton of challenges as we transitioned to remote learning and I became the primary education assistant for my 2nd and 4th graders, keeping them on task, helping with explanations, and providing general supervision of projects.

In addition to the above, I had my normal household duties which included logistics, meal planning, cooking, cleaning (I did have help from my other half for the cleaning and some of the cooking), and procurement of supplies.

The real kicker was that my loving family was around each other 24/7, and there was no meaningful mental downtime for me. I crave a lot of solitude to recharge my mental and emotional batteries, and I have had to adapt to a lot less alone time. I have been learning to be more patient with myself as well as my kids and husband, we are all experiencing some level of stress. Oddly, enough right now as we are re-emerging (in a fashion) and starting to pick up some normal activities is the most stressful part of this sequester. I believe because while we were in the thick of it and had no endpoint on the horizon, I was able to keep my head down and just keep on going, but now that I start to see that endpoint I am more anxious because I want to be there RIGHT NOW!

Going into sequester I did have some high hopes about somethings that really didn’t pan out, but other things have been working out better than I had expected, so overall I am fairly happy and sane but have no desire to repeat this experiment.

Things that went well:

  • I was able to lighten the clipboard
  • I was able to do some silly things with the family to make some great memories
  • I did some decluttering/cleaning/organizing
  • I had a nice response with my guest blog series
  • I was able to become more comfortable with some software which will make my life a bit easier.
  • I introduced a new product offering for Blue Shutters
  • I have been learning more about other social media channels and how I might use them to promote Blue Shutters.

Things that did not go well:

  • I wanted to learn so many things, I had a list a mile long but alas parenting and teacher duties really ate into the time that I had expected to have
  • I have been very short-tempered, more often than I would like
  • I was not able to do as much organizing as I had wanted
  • I have suffered a lot of emotional fatigue
  • We decided as a family to curb our summer plans and hold them until next summer which was very frustrating because I was really looking forward to them.

Moving Forward

As we move into summer I will continue my efforts to reach new clients and forge new business relationships, to include new clients, and have some existing clients take advantage of my new offerings to allow them to expand their business. As we re-emerge as a society I confident that we can be stronger even if it takes a while. It has often been said that humans are resilient; and there has been a lot of discussion within the past few years about how to build resiliency and general reminders that we are stronger than we think, coming out of this crazy, wild, and emotional time I have to say I agree that we are stronger than we thought we were.

I am open to new opportunities, ones that I am dreaming up and researching, and those that may come my way that are completely unexpected. One advantage I have and I would like to make sure that my clients and prospective clients know is that I am flexible and open to discussing their needs even if it doesn’t seem like I could provide the exact service they need. Perhaps their needs will become one of those unexpected opportunities that I mentioned. If you have a problem I am the partner that can help you solve it.

I am available to schedule meetings both in person with social distance with a video meeting, or a regular phone call.

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