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Review: Carol Brigham Photography


Good quality photos are an important part of your website, and while there are certainly great options to obtain stock photos for you to use, there are no stock photos of you. A snapshot on your phone will certainly work in a pinch but it is better for posting within social media and not as your profile picture either.

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of getting your picture taken professionally, I get it, I was there a week ago. I had an appointment at Carol Brigham Photography and I sat in the parking lot of Western Avenue Studios in Lowell I knew I had to go in but I didn't want to. I have met Carol a few times and we belong to some of the same groups, so I knew she would be great to work with but my fear of having my picture taken was overriding my logical thoughts.

The Prep Work

There is some prep work to be done before you even enter the studio because you want to have different styles to your headshots so you can use them in different ways. For me, this entailed pulling together three different outfits based on Carol’s recommendation. I picked out different pieces that could be layered to change the look as well as some different accessories. Additionally, I brought in my laptop and planner to use as props to help change up the photos.

  • Three different tops
  • Different necklaces/accessories
  • Planner and pen
  • Laptop
  • Brush & Makeup (for behind the scenes touch up)


My lipstick stained the inside of my mask, oops. It is only on the inside and mostly came out when Iwashed it. In the grand scheme fo things, it is not a big deal, but if you know you will be using lipstick in your photos you may want to wait to apply it. Note to self next time I wear lipstick and a mask I will be sure to blot or set it with some powder first.

The Photo Shoot

After I arrived at Western Avenue Studios I called Carol to meet me at the door, we were following the required protocols and were both wearing masks at the time. Once we were in her studio we discussed a few options and were ready to start.

I removed my mask at this point and Carol kept hers on and kept a good distance between us. One of the benefits of using a professional photographer is that they have amazing cameras and lenses so they can safely take pictures to give you an amazing product.

Wendy Sullivan Blue Shutters Web Design writing
Carol Brigham Photography

The whole in studio session took roughly an hour to complete. I had on 3.5 different shirts, different backgrounds, I was standing in some and sitting in others. Yes, I felt a bit awkward as I followed her directions:

  • Lean forward a bit
  • Face to the left but turn your head to the right just a bit
  • Look at the computer
  • Move your arm forward
  • Drop your back shoulder a bit

There really is a reason that photographers tell you these things, and while you may feel awkward you don’t look awkward in the pictures. I don’t understand all the in and outs of why doing these things make a better picture, but I don’t have too because I went to a professional.

At the end of the session, we did a quick edit of photos to discard the ones we didn’t like so I had a good idea what the pictures would look like at the end of the session, and then it was time for Carol to work her magic.

The Results

After I left the studio all I had to do was wait for a bit. Carol was able to process the photos, crop them, and do any minor adjustments needed. When her work was complete she sent me an email with a link to view the photos and download them. I was pretty impressed with the raw images when I left and she was able to make these minor tweaks that put the final polish on what she was able to capture in the studio.

Wendy Sullivan working on computer Blue Shutters Web Design
Carol Brigham Photography

I would highly recommend Carol to anyone that needs to update their headshots, capture quality pictures of your business and employees, or simply need a great family photoshoot to capture the moment. You can contact Carol, via her Facebook page, call her (978) 430-8954, or email her

If you need some assistance updating your website with your new photos then lets talk! Select a time via Calendly that works for your schedule.

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