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This week is a weird one for people in Massachusetts with school age children, it is February vacation week. I do have a love hate relationship with this week, and this week it is working to my advantage. I had to be out of town with the family over the long weekend so it wasn't so stressful coming back and needing to have the kids ready for school. But it also means that my work week gets jumbled a bit more than normal. Fortunately for me, my boss is really cool, so for this week just a few things that have caught my eye over the past few days.

The other monkey wrench is that trip out of town was not expected when I started to plan on how to keep the kids occupied and me working. Also on of my children got sick, so I really didn't feel like it was a good idea to take them out and share the germs, so plans did get scrapped. But if you are looking for some last minute ideas for recipes, or fun maybe this will help. I found the recipes this week and want to try them soon, maybe even this weekend.


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I had some plans to get the kids to the library for some activities, and then other activities elsewhere, sadly one of my children has a fever which makes a bunch of my plans a no go. However I am crossing my fingers that we can still fit something in on Friday, below are my two sources for events at the end of the week.

map with finger pointing
Image Source Negative Space on Pexels.

  • deCordova Museum
  • Maybe a Scavenger Hunt
  • Playing outside, I just purchased this to help save my garage doors and windows since my son prefers to play in the driveway rather than the back yard. It was really easy to set up.

Let me know on my Facebook page if you do anything special during February vacation week.

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