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The Tuesday before ‘social distancing’ took hold here in the household of Blue Shutters I had attended my networking/group meet up, Tuesdays Together (TT), and the topic was Elevating Your Brand. Before we dove into the depths of the topic we were chatting about our thoughts and what we would do etc. Before the meeting a few of us had the idea to tackle some of those lists of household projects that never got done, some had mentioned they would take the time to work on techniques specific to their business. By the end of the session, I would guess that I was not alone when I decided that I would be including working on some of the exercises explained in our themed topic.

The length of time that we will be sequestered (because that sounds so much nicer than social distancing) is currently 3 weeks, we have lessons from the school starting today March 18th until April 3rd. That means from my location (aka my house) I will continue to run Blue Shutters as I always have, I will be joined by my husband doing his daily job which is really easy for him to do remotely (his company has a WAH policy until the 20th with the option to extend and based on what I have read out of the Governor's office that will be extended) and a couple of active kids with no homework on the horizon and will likely assume they are 'bored’ at some point.

I will certainly be reflecting on my March 4th post and utilizing those links to my advantage. And yes I will be tackling some of that office clutter that is persistent, I am sure that I can make some headway on it. And finally I will be working through those exercises we learned about in the TT meeting and making reference cards of all the important things that should be repeated in all my marketing pieces. I want to come up with at consistent set of fonts that I use, write down the HEX color codes that I use for my branding so that I don’t have to look it up all the time, and I will revamp some of my previous marketing items and have my template ready to go for future social media postings.

In the mean time here are some excerpts from the sequestered diaries:

Note- Day one is Friday, March 13th and for the day count, I will be counting work and weekend days. Sure the whole family would be home on the weekend but our options to get out and do things are pretty much diminished so they are de facto sequester days.

Day 1

Things went fairly well today, traffic was amazing and my one errand that I had been wondering how I would fit it in was accomplished quickly and easily. SCORE for me! Maybe this isn’t so bad. There has been very little need to referee with the boys (oh how I wish that would last but I will take it for today). And my husband and I have time shared the office so we could take and make business calls relatively seamlessly. Maybe this won’t be so bad.

Day 2

This appears to be a ‘normal’ Saturday for the most part. The novelty of being home has not yet lost its luster with the kids. I did a bit more planning and scheduling than normal. I gathered more links for educational type work that isn’t too hard core and virtual museum tours. Scheduling is my only hope for this to work, I know my kids and they really do respond well with schedules and normalcy. These won’t be rigid schedules because that would invite failure from the start.

Day 3

We totally rocked the third day. We improvised a bit for Mass, played outside again (I really cannot get a spiral on the football like my 9 year old and I am kind of jealous). We wrapped up the day as my husband read some Calvin and Hobbes to the kids.

Day 4

Ok this is our first big test, the other two days were pretty much normal weekend days for us, there were not a lot of things that we did differently. Things that went surprisingly well, Cosmic Kids Yoga (Pokemon edition), a virtual tour of the Uffizzi Gallery in Florence Italy. We had a minor issue towards the end of the day, but that is to be expected, and we talked about it and acknowledged this is hard and it will take a bit to find our groove. Most importantly we have identified some adjustments to try out tomorrow.

Day 5

The school assignments are in! I have to say I am very impressed (and slightly overwhelmed) with all the detail the teachers have provided us parents to guide the kids through the next 3-ish weeks. We have assignments in the main topics (reading & writing, math, social studies, science) as well as their specials (art, music, phys-ed), lets see how this goes! I am hopng for the best and assume it will take the remainder of this week to get into the groove of study time. I set the kids up to do their 30 minutes of math so I could finish entry and post the blog. Then I have to read the information in their grade packets to figure out the other lessons. Wish me luck!

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