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Part of running a business means that you need to do tasks that you may not like doing, or do not seem particularly relevant to your business, such as social media. If you find social media to be a blessing and curse I can assure you that you are not alone. However, it may lead you to metaphorically toss your hands up and just not engage, which is probably not the ideal situation, but again you are not alone when you think that.


Keep reading as I summarize what I found when I was trying to determine how often I should post on social media. I also will describe what I am calling a "Social Media Bundle" which will help other business owners reduce the amount of time needed on creating images and content for social media.

If you are a long-time reader of my blog you know that I do work with a specific mantra in mind, and if you are new to my blog (hello and welcome!) this is my mantra:

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good

How Often?

Don’t let the phrase above fool you into thinking you can cut corners because there are certainly times where you need perfect, but it is meant to be a tool to remind me that something can be overworked for very little benefit or I might not get any benefit out of overworking something. For example if you are thinking about a new logo and you have worked with a graphic designer and have narrowed down your choices to two options, just make a decision because nobody is going to scrutinize your logo as closely as you will, trust the professionals you have worked with to provide you with quality options and go with your instincts. I do have a love-hate relationship with social media, which is why I employ my mantra in this aspect of my business.

Social media is certainly a marketing tool and one that doesn't show signs of going away and it shouldn’t be neglected by businesses, but the question I think about the most and have heard others in my networking group ask is:

“How often should I post?”

I did what is fairly natural, I went to a search engine and typed in that question, there were a lot of pages that returned answers but I still wondered about the veracity of the answers. I did notice a common theme among the various pages I visited:

  • Consistency over freqency
  • Different platforms have different 'ideal' frequencies

Emily Anthony from RevLocal posts this reminder “The only rule in social media is that you should only post content that is engaging, entertaining and useful to your followers. Quality will always win over quantity in social media marketing.” 

I Should Do Social Media But I Don’t Have Time

Raise your hand if you have said or thought that you don’t have time to do social media.


I see you. One thing to think about it that all of us have the same questions, concerns, and are often in the same boat regardless of what our business is. One way that I am addressing the idea that I don’t have time is by focusing on one social media platform (for now), consistent scheduling, and automating posts. Samantha Rupert at offers some great examples of how to employ my mantra, she says:

  • Fewer, high-quality updates made consistently will generally get better results than a higher number of low-quality ones.
  • Your business probably doesn’t need to be on every social media platform. Think carefully about where you’ll get the most traction.
  • Automate your posts, but take time to engage. (note if you go to the blog the author mentions some automation scheduler tools that you can use)

Keep those three bullet points in mind as you start to make your plan and that will be a big time-saver for you, which means it will be easier to find a window of time to post content. 

While you have reduced the time it will take by limited your platforms, frequency, and automating you still need to create the content to post, which itself can be time-consuming, let’s explore how to reduce time spent on content creation.

What Do I Post?

Constant Contact had published a blog post that will give you 30 ideas to create content and I have used some of those ideas in the past and I have filed away some additional ideas as well. 

These are some other suggestions for creating content:

Some of the ideas above you can create quickly on your own, especially if you are sharing other businesses or people’s updates. One area that may take some time will be if you are posting inspirational quotes or making yourself human. There are websites that you can utilize to create images to contain your quotes or add some personal information to your social media, that will certainly reduce the time spent but still take time.


Can I Buy A Post Or Two?

As I was creating various images for my social media page I realized that I had a lot of ideas, more than I would be able to post on my social media feed, and the idea to solve this problem for other businesses was born. I could create a service that would sell "Social Media Bundles" that would help other small businesses solve the problem of content creation:

  • Save time
  • Have quality image content
  • Humanize the business by having content that highlights that you are human and not a nameless corporate entity

When you purchase a bundle you save yourself the time it takes to come up with ideas, creating images or graphics to go with your ideas, and it allows you to upload the content to a social media automation scheduler, or utilize publishing tools within each social media platform you use.

The images within the bundle will be sized to meet the size requirements for various platforms. For example, Facebook bundles would be 940 x 788 px and Instagram bundles would be 1080 x 1080 px.

Are you obsessed with chocolate? Coffee? Tacos? Share that information with your followers to help humanize your company to remind everyone you are a real person and not a huge corporation, this will help you be more relate-able to your current and future customers.

Please take my product survey about social media bundles and be entered to win a mini bundle (5 images) for either Facebook or Instagram. Please share this blog as well as the survey with other businesses and as always you can comment on my Facebook page.

Take the survey here.

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