Client Profile: Ray Mascola Targeting Sales Growth

Client Profile

In addition to creating websites by using HTML and CSS files, I also offer Content Management System (CMS) administrative services for clients. I have worked with WordPress, Weebly, and Square (which is also Weebly with a slightly different style, more on that one in an upcoming blog.)

Ray was referred to me because he was unable to reach the previous person he worked with. In my previous blog Taking Over The Reins,  I described how I can help new to me clients that already have an existing website and my example in that post was the Targeting Sales Growth site. In that post, I described how I helped him navigate the various moving parts and establishing editor access for me, which would allow me to make changes. 

The Project

To create the page that was requested I followed the format of his existing website to keep the new consistent. Ray had provided me with a Word document with the text that he would like included as well as the images that he had sourced to be used on this page. I should note that in addition to providing the images I also received an email from the owner of the images granting permission to use them.

I did some edits to the text and applied various layouts depending on the section. When I felt that it was as complete as I could make it based on what I had I recorded a demo walkthrough video and had the client review it. Then at our next meeting, we were able to discuss what he liked as well as what changes he wanted. After a final review of the updates, the new page was published to the existing site.

As a part of creating the new page, I also adjusted the main horizontal navigation and footer section for the whole site.

But Wait There Is More

Once the page was created and the various updates were made and published there was a bit more work to be done. I created two reference documents for Ray to use:

  1. A master style sheet
  2. Website documentation

The first document is an easy reference document that includes the fonts used in the site, these were established by the previous company, but easily found in the CMS. Additionally, the colors used in the site and a swatch of the color and the hex color code. Having this information will make it easier to have a consistent look for any printed materials.

The second document outlines how the client can access his site as well as how to grant and delete access privileges.

It Is About The Client

For this client as well as my other clients my goal is to meet the client where there are in terms of their comfort with technology, how much time they want to commit, and using what they have, it is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. I will not push for a major change unless I think it is necessary and a benefit to the client in the long term.

You can comment on my Facebook page or set up an appointment to discuss your needs. And as always you can call me at 978-364-3056 or email me directly.

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