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Hey there.....Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Blue Shutters Web Design’s first blog post. I created Blue Shutters Web Design for businesses regardless of where they are in the business process. Our rates are affordable and each design is customized to the needs of the client, and your site can grow with your business. If your business is based in the Merrimack Valley, in addition to designing your site, I also offer in-person consultation services to walk you through your control panel.

Some of the topics that I plan to blog in addition to my projects are: Book Reviews, Service Reviews, and plans to help you walk through the process of updating or creating your site. For each post, I will do my best to keep the posts short and to the point, because we are all very busy, while providing links to other articles if you would like to do additional reading or research on a topic.

This blog is like a business it will evolve over time and I know I don't need to have it exactly the way I want when I debut this blog. To that end over time I am sure you will see changes as I add blog posts and incorporate things like categories etc. I am making the decision to exclude comments at this time. I must remember:

"Don't let Perfect be the enemy of GOOD"
paraphrasing Voltaire