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If you are looking to establish your business and create a website, or you currently own a business and have a website, you may be wondering what Blue Shutters Web Design can do for you. That is a very reasonable question, especially right now, while we are in a weird economic environment, and I can answer that question.

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Why Do I Need A Website?

People need to find your business to purchase your goods or services. Your future customers need to know who you are, what you offer, where you offer it, and your value. Social Media is a fantastic tool to allow you to engage with customers, however, it is hard to define what your business is.

My Family member Said They Would Build My Site, Why Should I Pay You?

I have often heard that someone's family member or friend is going to make their site for them, but life happens, and that site never gets created. While your family member may want to help you, but if they have their own job, family, and responsibilities, they may never find the time, I make the time because this is my job.

I, like many business owners, have a list of prospective clients that I revisit them from time to time. My list includes those businesses that have told me that they had a family member that will do the site for them 2 years later they still don't have a website.

What Do I Need For A Website?

A website can be an iterative process, so you need to have a solid base. Keep it simple; your name, what you do, what your service area is, hours, and how to contact you.

If you need to keep it to a single page, do so, and expand as you grow. Add an FAQ page or list tips and tricks at a later date. If your business model supports self-scheduling then you can incorporate a calendar scheduling service as your business grows.

How Do You Help Me?

When you work with me, I make this overwhelming process manageable. I talk to my clients and find out what they need, and I customize my services to their needs. My goal is to create a website that meets your needs, not one that meets my needs. I don't add on features that you don't need or want.

I walk you through the process of identifying your needs and writing about your business. I help you move past the blank page anxiety you can face when you start to think about what do I need for my website. That information is in you, and I can help you get it out of your mind and into your website.

Get Your Time Back

Can you create your own website? Yes, you can, but you have to ask at what cost? It takes time to input the information, format your text, to find photos to use, tweak colors. By hiring Blue Shutters Web Design, you can reclaim the time and apply it where you need it. Rather than spending time on your website, you have the option to do so many other things like:

  • Book another client
  • Do your bookeeping
  • Spend time with your family
  • Work on creating a new product or service

Call me today, and we can schedule some time to discuss your needs. Or schedule an appointement on my Facebook page.

If Facebook is not your thing, you can schedule a meeting with me via Calendly.

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