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About Us Section


Part 1 of a 4 part series….

When I work with clients I start out with a fact sheet that they fill in or I walk them through it and fill it out myself. I find that simply asking what would you like on your website is overwhelming and it can create a writer's block paralysis staring at a blank sheet. By the same token if you have an existing website the thought of revamping the site can be extremely daunting, so let's break it down into sections because those are manageable chunks. Remember you don't necessarily have to revamp your site with a big bang, you can make incremental changes and they all add up.

For the next few blog posts, I intend to do a mini-series about different sections on a business’ website, breaking up the content portion into manageable pieces. The first thing I am going to focus on is the “About Us”, followed by "Services", "FAQ", and "Contact Us".

The first thing I will say about this section is that it can go by many names: "About", "About Us", "Mission" or "Story", the name is just a name but the content in this section has the same objective. That objective is to say "this is who we are." Your prospective customers are trying to learn more about you and are looking to see if they want to do business with you, and this is where you tell them why you do what you do, you make it personal. When you go to write this section think about these questions:

    Is this a big company or small
    Is it a public company, private or family-owned business
    How long have you been in business
    Who’s at the helm
    Where are you based
    What makes your company special
    What are its core values
    Why should I buy from you and not from your competitor

Now here is the section where you will see me practice what I preach. My "About Us" section was pretty basic and not a lot to write home about, however it got the job done and sometimes that is what you need. That is why we edit and update!


As I thought about revamping the content I kept the list of questions at the back of my mind. As a person I am always curious about the story behind the scenes, why did they pick that name or who is behind the name. It was time to answer my own questions, so I did the section started to change and now it looks like this.


But I knew that I was still not quite done yet, I could add more. I wanted to use pictures to show some of what I do and explain it. But even more importantly I needed to correct an omission that I had made.

" ... a common pitfall she sees among new website owners is a tendency to focus on what they do, rather than what benefit they provide to customers or clients."
Emily Bracket, president of design and branding firm Visible Logic via Small Biz Trends

To help correct that omission I added a section that provided some specific examples of how I can help and that also helps explain what I do. Adding that section rounded out the overall "About Us" page that provides a more personal and compelling statement about Blue Shutters and how I can help you.


Now it is time for you to take the plunge and make some updates to your content. Blue Shutters Web Design is here to create as well as update your web presence while your business continues to grow. We offer affordable packages with a free quote on what your individual needs are as a business. Contact us today!

If I have not listed a section that you are interested in please comment on my Facebook page letting me know what you would like me to cover.

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